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Dear Iskashitaa Supporter:

This has been a wonderful year for Iskashitaa Refugee Network, albeit a trying one for UN refugees all around the world. As an organization we are proud to share that we've harvested over 120,000 pounds of fruit, vegetables, pods, nuts, even edible flowers and weeds. This amounts to 59,000 pounds of local produce, or a conservatively estimated value between $60,000-$120,000, that has and will continue to be redistributed to hundreds of refugee families. We also distributed close to 50,000 pounds to community food banks. Such a harvest, however, could not be possible without the collaboration between countless refugees and  community members. Although refugees were a hot topic this year, we remain steadfast in our dedication to educating others about the facts. Through collaborative citywide Refugee 101 workshops, potluck community dinners, and monthly workshops developing our Local Food Justice Literacy campaign we are at the forefront of aiding refugees and strengthening the local food system.

Colossal food waste across Arizona does not make us unique; it is Iskashitaa's approach to reducing hunger through education and the community-based integration of refugees that does. In a place like Pima County, where the food insecurity rate is 14.6%, it is our obligation as a community to do so. We provide opportunities for refugees to practice their English, increase their networks, learn invaluable employment skills, and take home nutritious food, all while providing numerous volunteer opportunities for community members to reduce food and water waste. What other program do you know that addresses community issues in such a way? This is the value and  power of Iskashitaa.

Now, we need your assistance to help more people and to further increase food security!

We have launched a major fundraising campaign around Giving Tuesday: on November 28th we intend on meeting our goal of raising $50,000 to further build our programs. We have already raised more than $6,000 and have further challenge commitments of $5,000.. Any contributions up to this amount will be, in effect, doubled! To celebrate our success, we will have a victory celebration at La Cocina on November 28, and all are welcome to join us.

We engage with UN refugees on a daily basis and, although many have integrated into American culture, many more still struggle with their English, developing job skills to find livable wage jobs, having enough nutritious food for their families, and adjusting to being in the US. We can do more than just help out; Iskashitaa is part of the solution.

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In community,

Barbara Eiswerth, Ph.D. Executive Director

Barbara Eiswerth, Ph.D.

Executive Director


Iskashitaa prevents food waste in Tucson

while refugees integrate into the community


Iskashitaa Refugee Network creates opportunities to integrate UN refugees into the Southern Arizona community while educating the public and strengthening the local food system, reducing local food waste, and increasing food security.

  • Together, we reduce local food waste and precious water resources
  • Together, we assist families, not landfills.
  • Together, we harvest and glean over 100,000 pounds annually.

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