Dear Supporter of Iskashitaa,
You are a vital part of Iskashitaa Refugee Network (IRN). Your support in 2017 helped us empower resettled refugees in Tucson and to assist not only Tucson Food Banks but also rural food banks. Our refugee community and our volunteers gleaned, culled, and redistributed fruit that would otherwise have been wasted in Southern, AZ totalling 56 tons of food last year.
It is estimated that approximately 800 refugees (due to the multiple refugee bans) will be relocated in the Tucson area and presently there are 13,000 refugees here. UN refugees arrive with a host of human needs as you  have seen in the news in Europe. For every refugee leader that Iskashitaa impacts directly there are a 6 to 12 families assisted  indirectly including many homebound elders and mothers of small children.
We're writing today to ask you to renew your generous support this year on or before Arizona Gives Day, April 3rd so that we can reach our fundraising goal of $10,000. We want to continue the exciting and transformative work that we are doing woard a more sustainable and culturally integrated community. You can join this bold movement of positive change.
By making a tax deductible contribution to us today, we are taking a step forward to demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and local food system as well as how global citizens should be treating each other. Thanks for standing with us and helping us extend our reach.
A private donor has challenged us to match their generous $2000 donation by March 23 with your gift of giving for the AZ Gives Day.  This means if you commit to $100 this week they will commit to another $100 donation. Your dollars will be twice as valuable once we hit the $2000 mark.
As AZ Gives Day ends at midnight on April 3rd, we are in a rush to reach our goal of $10,000. You can schedule the date of your donation between today and April 3rd by clicking on the button above.
Thank you so very much in advance for your support!
With Iskashitaa Love,
Barbara Eiswerth
Executive Director

Iskashitaa prevents food waste in Tucson

while refugees integrate into the community


Iskashitaa Refugee Network creates opportunities to integrate UN refugees into the Southern Arizona community while educating the public, strengthening the local food system, reducing local food waste, and increasing food security.

  • Together, we reduce local food waste and precious water resources
  • Together, we assist families, not landfills.
  • Together, we harvest and glean over 100,000 pounds annually.

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