Iskashitaa Refugee Network serves United Nations refugees and asylum seekers who have been resettled in Tucson from over 30 ethnic groups across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  We assist them in self-sufficiency and citizenship through innovative, food-based programming, which is also a part of our overarching mission to reduce food waste and increase food security throughout our entire community.
IRN helps restore the lives of UN refugees by creating partnerships between refugees, volunteers, and local organizations. Our local food-focused programs cultivate community connections, networking, education, entrepreneurship, leadership and applied English language practice. Our intent is to empower others to develop the skills necessary to grow not only towards self-sufficiency, but towards community integration.
For over 13 years and with the help of hundreds of community volunteers and refugees, IRN has been developing our unique food programming. We identify, glean, & redistribute over 50 tons of produce annually, which helps a diverse range of under-served families across southern Arizona meet their nutritional needs. In addition, IRN offers food preservation workshops and food demonstrations, featuring an eclectic mix of refugees, community groups and cultural tastes. Participants learn international food preservation techniques and gain new understanding of the multi-ethnic significance of food. With over fifteen monthly harvests, workshops, and presentations to choose from, IRN offers many opportunities to join our mission.