Work with us

Iskashitaa depends on hundreds of volunteers to reduce local food waste and to welcome and empower UN refugees and asylum seekers. Some of our volunteers volunteer once and others volunteer on a regular basis. There are opportunities for groups (college groups, faith-based organizations, schools) and for individuals.

If you would like to contribute by gifting your fruit, go to donate your fruit.

To volunteer, follow these links:


Iskashitaa depends upon volunteers for our work in the community. Here are some ways volunteers can get involved.

  • Harvest produce (Great for both groups and individuals)

  • Assist in redistributing produce to refugee apartment complexes and community partners

  • Learn how to make international culinary delights from locally harvested produce by attending one of our food preservation workshops

  • Maintain our compost pile

  • Use design skills to help us market and label our products

  • Assist in the office, help maintain the office, greet refugees, and answer phone calls

  • Utilize other professional skills to assist us

  • Assist refugees in connecting to community resources

  • Represent Iskashitaa at community events


Please contact us with any questions at:

“Working with Iskashitaa was a priceless education for me. Very satisfying to see my own efforts have a positive impact in a very short time. Everyone was supportive and appreciative. In all, a very rewarding experience.”

— Craig, Community Service volunteer, 2013