Our harvesting and gleaning adventure allow us to take refugees on field trips to a variety of agricultural venues: orchards, conventional farms, heritage gardens, hydroponic greenhouses, aguaponic centers, and mushroom farms. These opportunities allow everyone to learn about many techniques for irrigation, cultivation, and harvesting.

Farmers’ Markets

Often refugees have no idea farmers’ markets exist in Tucson. We encourage refugee participation in farmer’s markets and inform about their ability to shop using SNAP/WIC benefits and in addition, through the Double Up Food Bucks program, refugees can double the value they spend up to $40. This provides an incentive to shop at farmers markets and thus strengthen the local food system while giving them access to a wide variety past what e harvest..


Iskashitaa primarily supports the gardeners and gardens located at Desert Courtyard Apartments. We helped establish the garden with management, owners and residents. We provide soil amendments such as compost, manure and shredded coconut husks, as well as containers, seeds, and plants. Refugees who are new to gardening have the opportunity to learn about desert gardening, irrigation, composting and general techniques for planting in the Tucson climate and working with Iskashitaa.