Tangerine Time

I stayed in Tucson for

Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime

Kumquat, Calamandin, Pomelo




it’s the Tangerine that tickles me

whispers from dreams

calls across town

“Your tree’s ready, waits you.”


I am a sunflower turning 

to perfect seedy orbs that

send me up ladders, 

climbing across walls

gingerly stepping,  dense branches.

They’re all around me, 

forest of leaves.


I am high above the ground,

in the middle of the tree

peeking at blue, 

precariously balanced

tangerine heavy 

picking bag round neck


Reaching for one I cradle it in my hand

feel it

then cut the stem,  


with one leaf


I  pick them 

It’s all I want to do

cart laden bags boxes home

fill bowls

sort by quality

pass them among friends

eat them everywhere with everyone


in tangerine season

by Deb Jacobson


We at Iskashitaa would like to send a special thank you to Deb Jacobson and the Jewish Community for all their support. We appreciate all the help they give us. We will you all the best.