Gardening 101 Post : Gardening Beginner Pro Tips

Gardening 101 Post

“Gardening Beginner”

Gardening seems difficult during the sudden rain and immediate blazing heat. It may seem futile to begin your garden during this part of the year. But you are persistent. You start to say “nay” to the blistering heat and the heavy rains. So now you head to the nearest gardening center, pick up gardening tools, gloves, and dust off those overalls you have hiding in the back of your closet. Geared with your proper tools like the Batman of gardening, you set off.

Now before you start planting the lettuce head remains or using your egg shells as part of your compost, you need to think about your soil. How is it? Seriously. A lot of gardening starters think their soil is ready to go. That is sadly not the case. While it may look just as brown as Farmer Bob’s looks, it may not be so.

Experts mention to take a first look at the soil before you begin. If you have used chemical fertilizers in the last few years, ditch the dirt. The dirt that has been filled with these fertilizers has lost a substantial number of essential microbes and earthworms. You should remove the top 12 inches from your garden soil, just to make sure you are starting with a clean slate.

Once you've removed the first feet of soil, fill the basin with water to flush down fertilizer salts deep in to the roots of the garden. This will create a rich bed of nutrients for your plants to gain roots with, making for strong and healthy plants. You should perform this process three times for maximum effect. Full article on getting your garden started found here.

Now, you can fill with compost. Think “would a worm want to eat this?” If so, then you’re on the right track. Composting does plenty to offer benefits for you and the world around you. It becomes a soil conditioner and acts as a recycling mechanism for kitchen and yard waste. It also introduces beneficial organisms (those worms we mentioned earlier) to the soil while being great for the environment. For a full list of what to compost, check out the article on composting written the Earth Easy website found here.

Have fun gardening, remember to crush your eggshells before composting and wear sunscreen. Add a comment below in the comment section and let us know how you began and what motivated your gardening expedition.

Alfonso Cavada – Tavares

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