Helpful Advice for Monsoon Season Gardening


Walking to work from your car may feel like this.

Luckily this wind shift comes with rain...

June is when most people around the nation are enjoying time outdoors. Schools all over send their school children out to Summer Break and parents take their families on long vacations. For us living in Tucson, June brings sweltering heat and parking is determined by shade, not by distance. All of us waiting for the rain season soon to come.

The word Monsoon comes from the word "mausin", Arabic for "season" or "wind-shift". The wind-shift during July is the kind all Tucsonans wait for. It means we can go outside.


With the monsoon rolling in, it may seem difficult to continue your ever growing garden. Experts say to continue your practice. An article written for the Arizona Daily Star mentions several gardening tips.

If you decide to start your gardening adventure this season, it may be difficult to know what to plant. Aim for plants that will survive the heat coming. Here is a list of the Top 10 Rainy Season Plants to give root to this monsoon season,

Enjoy your summer Monsoon season and be sure to have your rain boots ready!

Alfonso Cavada-Tavares

Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Social Media Intern