Tips & Tricks for a Green Day

Good Afternoon Readers,

As a student and eco-conscious person, i try my best to live a green lifestyle. But what does 'going green' actually mean? Living a green lifestyle is more than just recycling every now and then. Basically, going green means to live life, as an individual as well as a community, in a way that is friendly to the natural environmental and is sustainable for the earth.

Schools all over are making the switch towards a greener initiative. In fact, Tucson's very own University of Arizona is becoming a fast growing leader in the green lifestyle movement. The UofA has been using innovated research and developed science, technology, economics, and public policy to help their cause.

I decided to conduct a little bit of research to see how many of my fellow wildcats thought green like i do. I asked fifteen of my peers a various set of questions that dealt with green living habits and conscious thinking. I found out that most of them do recycle through the residential trash services, have participated in compost practices more than once in the past year, and consciously use their household utilities to minimize their impact.

Attached is a link to ten really cool and easy ways to live green this summer. As we move toward the future, we as a society should be conscious of the way we take care of our Mother Earth. Whether you do this by cutting your shower times to conserve water or keep your cans/plastics in containers and take them to a local recycling plant, your doing more good than bad by creating an important base for future green-thinkers.

Alfonso Cavada-Tavares

Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Social Media Intern