A curry to warm yourself with...

Hey Friends!

I wanted to make a curry the other day but I had a hard time finding a recipe that wasn't loaded with unnecessary junk. As a newly established vegan, I often fall for the cabob or the taco stand beef temptation on a late night outing.

Luckily, I found this amazing recipe that is super easy to make it. It takes the guilt out of enjoying curry with meat and substitutes the meat with fresh veggies to make my vegan lifestyle fun and easy.

Living in Tucson, I have the pleasure of having several curry houses locally available to enjoy some of the best tasting curry this side of the Mississippi. However, most of those amazing homes for happiness which I have grown to adore close pretty early.

Curry is wonderful dish that can also be versatile. It can be served with meat or completely dished out with some of the freshest veggies this monsoon season will offer. Bread is also a popular side dish as well as; rice, dahl, greens, samosas, chutney, or my personal favorite, potatoes.

Curry is super easy and cheap to make. If you are a health-nut like I am, you are pleased to know that curry has many benefits, including acting as a immune system booster, reducing risks of bacterial infections, and even lowers risks of tumor growths in livers.

Whether you enjoy curry for it's many different combinations of preparation or it's health benefits, know that curry has an overwhelmingly captivating affect when it's aroma fills your house. I will be sure to keep this recipe in my arsenal of kitchen delights.


Alfonso Cavada-Tavares

Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Social Media Intern