Iskashitaa Teaches Cooking for a Closer Community

As an Intern, I began assisting in Iskashitaa's food work shops and harvests late last month. The first event was a food and cooking workshop held in the community kitchen at Saint Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church on June 27th.


Fun Times Cooking

Large attendance at St Francis in the Foothills Kitchen for the Cooking Workshop.

During the workshop, the group of volunteer signups created two items are commonly found in your local grocery store. The first recipe was an Iraq-based apple jam. The apples were peeled, boiled, jarred and processed before they were boxed and sent back to the Iskashitaa office. The other recipe produced was a vinaigrette made from a garlic and herb blend.

The assembly of volunteers offered a wide range of backgrounds and stories. A diverse set of backgrounds and countless conversations in several different languages offered the foreground for the community strengthening that the workshop sought to provide. The medium sized work space of the kitchen made getting to know the volunteers a rather enjoyable task.

Alfonso Cavada-Tavares

University of Arizona - Political Science

Iskashitaa Social Media Intern