Iskashitaa Gleans & Harvests Fruit to Clean the Community

I had the fortunate chance to lend a hand with was a fruit and vegetable harvest on June, 28th. The harvest took place at the University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agricultural Center (CEAC) hydroponic greenhouse with the help of Dr. Tollefson.

The harvest brought out a welcoming group of twelve volunteers and all shared grateful pleasantries during the buzzing heat of the early morning. The volunteers met at the Iskashitaa baseoffice before traveling caravan style to the greenhouses. Once there boxes were unloaded and the workers began their harvest.

It took four hours to pick all the fruit off from the vines that resembled a green labyrinth with sprays of color. While assisting in clearing off the vines, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the other volunteers.

Harvest together

the group spent all morning harvesting hundreds of tomatoes

Two conversations stood out during the time at the greenhouse. I spoke with two volunteers, Ms. O’Neil talked to me about her time as a French language teacher who recently moved to Arizona and wanted to give back by volunteering during the summer. Another volunteer I spoke with was Ms. Bowman, a traveled health professional and veteran Iskashitaa volunteer that spoke delightfully on spreading knowledge about diverse backgrounds.

The group harvested 601 pounds of tomatoes, 50 pounds of cucumbers, 190 pounds melons, 54 pounds of eggplants, and 75 pounds of lettuce heads for a whopping total of 970 pounds of produce. Many thanks to the volunteers, workshop leaders, family, friends, and staff that helped make these two events happen.


Alfonso Cavada-Tavares

University of Arizona - Political Science

Iskashitaa Social Media Intern