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Please check our website and calendar regularly for sign ups and opportunities! We are always looking for help, but do not always have time to reach all volunteers about an opportunity.
Liability Waiver
Should I suffer an accident or be taken ill during a Iskashitaa event, I give my permission for any emergency hospitalization, medication or surgery deemed appropriate by a doctor. I have been assured that safety is paramount during any Iskashitaa event, and that the adult staff of Iskashitaa will exercise all reasonable care for those involved. I know that I must bring adequate water, sunscreen, a hat and a snack. I will not hold the staff, interns or any other Iskashitaa volunteer liable in the case of accidental injury or death during any Iskashitaa event. Nor will I hold the person(s) who owns or operates the property we glean liable for such injury or death. Iskashitaa photos or videos in which I appear may be used by Iskashitaa in newsletters or for promotional purposes.
Confidentiality and Diversity Policy
Refugees have endured the loss of their homeland and way of life. They may have suffered family losses, intolerable persecution, and torture. Their current challenge is to transition into an alien culture and rebuild their lives. Iskashitaa’s confidentiality and diversity policy is to ensure that refugees are treated with respect while making this transition.


All individuals who work with Iskashitaa Refugee Network agree to:

1. Respect the privacy of refugees with whom they are working. What the refugee shares, verbally or in writing, is confidential communication and is to be shared with others only when necessary.

2. Not make refugee names, stories, or personal information public without their consent. This includes the use of photographs and information in news stories, church bulletins, and newsletters. This also includes information or pictures on Facebook, Myspace, or other networking sites.

3. Receive written consent before sharing any refugee information and consult with Iskashitaa staff before sharing with external entities.

Respecting Diversity

Iskashitaa team members are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life. Iskashitaa Refugee Network respects that each team member holds his or her own beliefs and that personal beliefs are an important part of individual identity.

All volunteers, staff, and recipients of services with Iskashitaa deserve equal opportunity. This means that Iskashitaa will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, politics, veteran status, or disability.

Recipients, staff, and volunteers deserve to be free from pressure or condemnation because of their beliefs. While serving, all members of the Iskashitaa team agree to act, speak, and behave in ways which demonstrate acceptance and inclusion.
Iskashitaa Internship Contract
Commitment: I plan to volunteer for at least a six month period. I understand that Iskashitaa Refugees and Staff are counting on me when I make a commitment. If I cannot attend a commitment, I will inform the program supervisor by email with as much notice as possible so that a replacement can be found. I will give at least twenty-four hours notice before breaking any commitment.

Work Quality: I will strive to produce quality work and to leave the community with a positive impression of Iskashitaa.

Safety: I understand that my safety and the safety of everyone involved with Iskashitaa depend on my choices. I will take care of my own health when volunteering and be alert. I will never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while volunteering. Whenever leading a group, I will carefully explain how to keep everyone safe.

Respect: I am aware that I will serve with a variety of people and will treat all differences with respect and understanding. Although language and cultural differences may lead me to feel frustrated, I will give each individual the time and respect they deserve. I know that there is never a reason to be disrespectful to a community member, volunteer, staff member, intern, or refugee.

Teamwork: As a part of the Iskashitaa team, I will work to understand others’ viewpoints and my own contribution to misunderstandings. I will deal with any issues in a professional manner and in person. I will respect staff and other volunteer’s time by dealing with personal issues outside of work. I will request assistance with issues regarding a team member only after attempting to work through issues independently.

Attitude: I chose to be a part of the Iskashitaa team because I believe I can make a positive impact on the refugee community in Tucson. I will ensure that my attitude reflects this belief during my volunteer work and remain a positive influence on my community.

Confidentiality and Diversity: I understand and have signed Iskashitaa’s Confidentiality and Diversity Agreement. I will follow these guidelines throughout my service.