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Beyond Himmel Parkrun & Iskashitaa Community Harvest

Please be sure to visit the Beyond website and check out the hyperlinks to register for these awesome opportunities at

Go Beyond with an exciting new opportunity to connect with community as you participate in a Fun Run, Community Harvest or BOTH!

Himmel parkrun is a free, timed, 5k run/walk held every Saturday at Himmel park 8am (7am summer), more information can be found here.

To participate, please fill out the one-time only registration here selecting “Himmel” as your “Home Run”. After registration you will receive a barcode, which you need to print out and bring to the event. Your barcode is also your ticket to any of the more than 1700 parkrun events held worldwide every week.

Afterward join community members and Iskashitaa Refugee Network in a tour of Himmel Park and Sam Hughes neighborhood as they glean local fruit trees in an effort to educate the public, strengthen the local food system, reduce local food waste, and increase food security.
To sign up as a community harvester please fill out the volunteer waiver form here.