If you need community service (Public housing, Court ordered, ResCare etc.):

  1. Complete and submit an application online. The Volunteer Coordinator will respond to your application via email, letting you know when you can begin.

  2. Ask two professional and one personal reference to fill out a reference form.  These can be submitted electronically or printed and mailed to our office.

  3. Attend a monthly volunteer orientations (Refugee 101).  These orientations provide a background on refugees, the organizations that work with them, and guidelines for volunteering. You can learn more about the next training and RSVP on our events page.  Note: You can begin volunteering prior to attending this workshop, but we do request that all of our consistent volunteers make it a priority to attend one of these trainings.

  4. The Volunteer Coordinator will match you with a specific program based upon your schedule, our needs, and your skills/passions.

Since we work with a vulnerable population, we accept court-ordered volunteers with non-violent offenses only.  We do not accept court ordered volunteers who need community service for the following charges: domestic violence, assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, disorderly conduct, armed robbery or aggravated assault.

Please bring any documentation required for your community service to our office when you first come to volunteer.  This helps us track your hours and helps us fill out the proper documentation for you.