Group Harvests

Independent Group Harvesting

Organize a harvest of local fruit and vegetables from your work colleagues or group members’ backyards. Iskashitaa staff would love to come and speak with your group about our organization, pass out flyers, and answer questions.  After our discussion, you can ask members to bring their neighbors fruit to your next meeting.  Iskashitaa volunteers will pick up the bounty from your meeting site -or better yet, arrange for a member to drop the fruit off at our office. We can supply bins and pickers and we will surely come to another meeting to tell stories of all the refugees you served!

Contact us if you’re interested in organizing one or more harvests with your business, organization, or group. We’re looking for lemons, tangerines, loquats, grape-fruit, oranges, pecans, and more!

Structured Group Harvests

What could be more fun then joining your friends for a day in the sun while helping get food for families in need?  We provide water, lots of produce to taste test, and harvesting supplies.  We also take the time to teach you about refugees, our mission, and local foods!  We can accommodate most schedules with sufficient notice and we always make time for fun along the way!  If your group is focused on service learning, we can help your group to make connections as they work!  Refugees who receive food from Iskashitaa would be thrilled to harvest with you.  Please let us know if this is of interest to you.

What does your group need? Transportation is one of the most important things each group supplies.  To travel to your harvest sites, it is best to have smaller groups in each vehicle but we can accommodate larger vans by dropping groups and staggering harvest sites.  Supplies to be outdoors: Tucson can be surprisingly cold and painfully hot.  Please bring water, a hat, and sufficient clothes to keep yourself comfortable outside. Extra Seats If you are interested in having refugees along for your harvest, it would be great if they could travel with you.  Not only does this allow the harvesters to practice their English but they can share their story along the way!

Please click here: Initial Questionnaire for Group Volunteering 2014.docx to download the Initial Group Volunteering Questionnaire. When you have completed this form, send it to This will get your group harvest started!