Iskashitaa Cooking and Food Preservation

Why are we Cooking?

When people meet, it is often around food.  So it makes sense that the perfect way to empower someone is to give them a chance to share their favorite food.  As refugees teach us about their cultural dishes, they are able to learn.  Refugees leave with the confidence to use their American kitchen to make their own favorite foods.  They also gain a more firm grasp of the English language.  But our volunteers say that they gain the most.  Every time Tucson locals meet refugees in the kitchen, they get to learn a new recipe and a bit about refugee's lives.  Locals may share about American kitchens, techniques for keeping  food safe, and American tastes but they gain a friend.

What's Cooking?

In the past we have prepared jams, jellies, preserves, Nepali spices, juices, and much more.  We frequently create products that are sold at local stores to help fund the Iskashitaa cooking program.

How can you volunteer in the kitchen?

You don't need to be a chef or bring your best dishes.  But bring an open mind and a bit of flexibility.  As we share, we take longer to cook and get lost in stories.  If you are ready to spend an afternoon traveling the world in the Iskashitaa kitchen, you are a perfect fit!

We particularly need volunteers to help transport refugees since the commercial kitchen we use is far from most refugee homes.

Please contact us if you can help out!