To Register for an opportunity just click the event on the calendar and register! Or message the program director for more information.  We would be happy to answer questions or sign you up!

Harvesting with Refugees – Harvesting local fruit and vegetables with Iskashitaa Refugee Network! As a volunteer you will be working alongside refugees picking fruit in backyards or local farms. We harvest excess citrus, figs, plums, squash, pumpkins, dates, corn, pomegranates and more. You will definitely have a chance to make new friends from interesting cultures, learn about eating local in Tucson, and try some of these delicious foods of the desert!  Learn More!

Food Preservation Workshops with Refugees and Iskashitaa - Learn about new foods, techniques and cross cultural traditions. Come help cook locally harvested fruits and vegetables, share your recipes and learn about international cuisine. Come for an hour or for half the day to make food products that will be then sold in local markets in Tucson to benefit the refugee community. Learn More!

Redistribute Locally Harvested Fruits and Vegetables - Do you want to meet wonderful people and organizations in Tucson? Redistribute locally grown fruits and vegetables. Volunteers pick up fruits and vegetables donated by the community at Iskashitaa office and redistribute them to community organizations and refugee homes in various parts of the city. You can spend time with each refugee family or simply drop a bag or two of food off at each apartment that is provided in a list.

Events, Festivals and Farmer’s Markets- Help us to run our booth at a festival. We are always looking for people to help with sales, informing the public, and transporting refugees for festivals.  We are present at St. Phillips Farmer's Market on Sundays from 9 AM - 1 PM.  We are also present at various festivals around Tucson.  

Redistribute Sewing and Crafts Donations to Refugees- The generous donations of volunteers and friends of Iskashitaa have led to a VERY full storage shed and we want to get those donations back out to our refugee friends! The donated items are used by refugees to make clothing, scarves and baskets as a part of our Iskashitaa Refugee Sewing and Crafts Circle (IRSCC) program. As usual, we cannot do this without your help! We need volunteers to set up, help redistribute the supplies, and clean up. Learn More!

There are also always opportunities for filing, advocacy, and mentoring of families with special needs. Please contact us for more information!