Get Involved

Give Time

Iskashitaa's programs could not exist without our volunteers!  We are excited to work with groups and individuals to find volunteer opportunities that meet their interests!  We welcome all volunteers who are interested in exploring the world while living in Tucson!

Give Fruit

Reduce waste by giving the excess produce your land creates  to others who need it through our donating to our harvest program. Your produce donation gives refugees and volunteers a chance to exchange knowledge and cultures while gaining nutritious food resources!

Donate Fruit Now!

Give Used Items

Donate your sewing and crafts supplies to the Iskashitaa Refugee Sewing and Crafts Circle or donate your harvesting, cooking, and preservation supplies to our harvesting, preservation, and cooking workshops.  Supplies are used in classes and given to refugees to use in their own homes.

Give Money

Donations are a great way to continue the work of Iskashitaa! With your donation, you can pay the salary of an Americorps staff member, support our food workshops, or cover Iskashitaa's gas for the month!

Your donation is tax deductible.  We would be more than happy to send you a receipt, a thank you letter, and information about how your donation is used!

 For more information about giving with the above programs, please don't hesitate to contact us!